Compare Bank Interest Rates in Indonesia

The Indonesian economy with a population of 238 Million (Est 2009) ranks 15th in the world with a GDP PPP of 962 billion and GDP PPP per capita of 4,151 vs 45,934 (United States) according to the IMF in 2009. Its currency is the Indonesian rupiah (Rp)(IDR). Bank deposits held for a fixed term in Indonesia are called time deposits. According to its inflation was 9.9% in 2008 and 4.8% in 2009.

All banks in Indonesia participate in an Indonesian Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC) scheme. This scheme guarantee covers demand deposits, certificates of deposit, time deposits and savings accounts on a per customer, per account basis for each bank. (

Top Deposit Accounts in Indonesia

Deposit Account Type Term APY Account Details
Mandiri 3 Month Time Deposit3 month7.50% The indicated IDR deposit interest rate is applicable for a fixed 3 month/90 day tenor with a dep - IDR - Dec, 2014More Info
HSBC Indonesia 1 Year Time Deposit1 year7.50% Rates for indonesian Rupiah for 12 months/1 year will vary by amount including:< 50,000 - IDR - Dec, 2014More Info
BNI 1 Year Term Deposit1 year6.50% Rate applies for a 12 months IDR deposit from BNI Bank Negara Indonesia relating to the following - IDR - Dec, 2014More Info
Mandiri 6 Month Time Deposit6 month6.00% The time deposit for the 6 month/180 day tenor requires a deposit balance >= 10M IDR. - IDR - Dec, 2014More Info
Mandiri 1 Year Time Deposit1 year5.25% Rate applies for 12 months for a Mandiri Rupiah deposit is greater than >= 10M - IDR - Dec, 2014More Info
Mandiri 1 Month Time Deposit1 month4.50% The indicated deposit interest rate is applicable for a fixed 1 month term with the deposit great - IDR - Dec, 2014More Info
Citibank Indonesia 1 Year Time Deposit1 year4.50% The interest for this time deposit is for a 1 year / 12 month term with interest is paid maturity - IDR - Dec, 2014More Info