Indonesia Deposits

Provider Rate
BNI 1 Year Term Deposit

Rate applies for a 12 months IDR deposit from BNI Bank Negara Indonesia relating to the following balance pa.

Less than 100 Juta - 6,00%

Greater than Juta dan <1 M - 6,25%

Greater than 1 Milyar - 6,50%

1 year
Jul 2017
Mandiri 3 Month Time Deposit

The indicated IDR deposit interest rate is applicable for a fixed 3 month/90 day tenor with a deposit greater than >= 10M IDR. Amounts below 10M have other tiered rates by tenor.

3 month
Mar 2018
HSBC Indonesia 1 Year Time Deposit

Rates for indonesian Rupiah for 12 months/1 year will vary by amount including:

< 50,000,000                                  5.25% 

50,000,000 - 99,999,999                5.50%

100,000,000 - 499,999,999            7.00%

>= 500,000,000                            7.00%

1 year
Mar 2017
Citibank Indonesia 1 Year Time Deposit

The interest for this time deposit is for a 1 year / 12 month term with interest is paid maturity. The currency used is the Indonesian rupiah and the interest rate varies with deposit amounts:

less than 50 Mio - 3.25%greater then or equal to 50 Mio - 3.50%greater then or equal 100 Mio - 3.50% greater then or equal 200 Mio - 4.00% greater then or equal 500 Mio - 4.25%greater then or equal 1 Bio - 4.50%

1 year
Mar 2016


  • Q: I am an Irish citizen , can I open a term deposit

    Reply alan from Cork, Ireland
  • Q: I am a Singaporean living in Singapore. Can I invest in an Indonesian Term Deposit in nearby Batam or Bintan Island? What are the interest rates?

    Reply C.P.BOH from Singapore, Singapore
    • R: Yes you are eligible to open term deposit in Indonesia as long as you have your ID / Passport with you (Singaporean ID Permitted)

      Reply Andrew Henderson
  • Q: Can Australian citizens invest in a Indonesian term Deposit? If so do they have to pay tax on the investment? What if any guarantees are there for the return of original money invested?

    Reply Stephen from Australia
    • R: Hi Stephen, You will almost certainly need a KITAS (spouse or working visa) and you would probably be taxed by the ATO. In both cases, seek direct advise as circumstances change. Ask around the banks, and check with your accountant.

      Reply Anthony Kent
  • Q: Am I , as an Australian able to invest in a term Deposit. If so do I have to pay tax on the investment.

    Reply greg from Darwin, Australia
    • R: Yes you can. You must pay the tax 20% from the interest earnings will automatically deducted form your interest. Deposits with amount not more than Rupiah (200.000 Australian Dollar) will be covered by government deposits and savings insurance Hope it helps :)

      Reply Andrew Henderson
    • R: Yes you may, but you must pay tax 20% from the interest earned.

      Reply Andrew Henderson
  • Q: Is it safe to invest money in term deposits os 1000000 dollar and what would the interest ratebe for say 6 months thanks michael

    Reply Michael from Australia
    • R: For the amount that are greater than Rupiahs ( 200.000 Australian Dollar ) is not covered by Indonesia Government on Savings / Deposits Insurance, which means, if the bank that you deposits on goes bankruptcy , you can't request for your money back. Hope it's Help :)

      Reply Andrew Henderson
  • Q: Can a foreigner open a bank account from Australia. Every year I stay in Bali 6 months so it be good to invest money in your banks Australia don't compare with interest on yet deposit

    Reply Steven allen from Ashcroft, Australia
    • R: Yes, you can

      Reply Andrew Henderson
  • Q: lets say i wish to deposit in Rm 100,000 which is equivalent to 318,767,657 to IDR will my interest rate be 6.50% or the bank could offer a more higher interest rate based on the amount that i wish to deposit in

    Reply kIRITHARAN from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
    • R: Deposits rate in Indonesia depends on it's bank own policy, you can check it at choose deposito on the left menu :)

      Reply Andrew Henderson
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